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My new books are about how home sellers can sell their homes for more money in less time and with less headaches. There is a wealth of knowledge that most homeowners don’t know about, that can help them make their home a standout in the area. Buyers will be drawn to their houses. STAGING is one great way to make buyers ohh and ahh about the house.

Have you ever heard of an “unsellable home”? There’s no such thing… when a home doesn’t sell it can normally be tracked back to a simple mistake (or two) that could have been easily avoided. In my book, I talk a lot about the best pricing strategies because so many people blame the price for a home not selling. I have an entire section that breaks down the best pricing strategies so that you can check it against what you have been doing to get your home sold.

Normal sellers don’t seem to take selling as seriously (I have no clue why?) and normally don’t do what is necessary to get top dollar. If you use the right home selling strategies you can make at least 10-30k more when selling a $200,000 home.

In my book, Wealthy Home Seller Secrets, I break down what affluent home sellers do differently. I reveal their strategies, secrets, tips, and much more. I’ll also show you how to use them when selling your home.

You can get a copy of this book absolutely free. Why am I giving it away for free? It is because I know that the strategies revealed in my book can make you enough extra money to send your kid to college, buy a new car, or do a nice remodel on your next home.

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